Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Team Mentality

Last night I did a Team Fitness group at my gym. They offered the first two days free so you could come check it out. During the day I had started listening to Keith Ferrazzi's book Who's Got Your Back which begins with a story about the woman who started Weight Watchers.
Both the book and the Team class stress the importance of having a support system in order to make true progress on your goals. Personally, I am a rather independent woman who usually tries to do things by herself. Receiving help can be hard for me, yet I do crave it.

Last summer, the boyfriend, T, and I ran a marathon. When we first signed up we were going to do it. But an illness, followed by lots of other random events, and we barely trained much less together.

I've been getting the emails to register for the marathon again... and I want to. The choice is to do it alone or have T do it with me again. If we do it together, I really want to do it together. There is something sweet about making a plan and accomplishing it as a couple. This morning he told me he would run it with me, so we are going to sign up tonight.

Here's to creating a support system... I'll cover this topic more in a future post.


  1. Seems I have heard a lot about marathon running lately. I am interested in this but doubt I have the mental capacity to make it. I run about 3 miles a day.

  2. I used to think that too... I'm barely running that now, and for the marathon I did, I never really trained. I have a blog going for that as well...

    It really is so mental.. if you can consistently run 3-5 miles, you can train for a marathon!

    Go for it!!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)