Sunday, May 8, 2011

28 Truths to Live By

I turned 28 the other week. 27 was a strange year for me; while there were many times I had a wonderful times, there were also many times of stress, sadness, and even anger. I have been working to feel like myself today and in honor of turning 28, I wrote down 28 Truths to Live By.

Sleep does my body and mind good.
Giving love allows me to be loved.
I need time to myself to re-energize.
I run to be balance.
Reading provides me with a mini vacation; TV does not.
Drinking enough water helps me feel stronger.
Jewelry makes me feel pretty.
Healthy eating energizes me.
Everyday I am capable of being the best me.
Laughter makes life feel easier.
Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy the view instead of climbing higher.
To keep a friend, I need to be a friend.
Water makes me happy.
Clutter clutters my mind.
I am most productive in the morning and my schedule should reflect that.
Remember how much fun it is to be a girlfriend.
It’s okay to say “no” as long as it’s not always to self or loved ones.
Make time for those around you, before they go away.
I do have control of my life.
Working out calms me and is important.
Relaxing does not make me a lazy person.
Swimming is my yoga.
A day is made up of many moments, not just one.
Don’t forget to take pictures.
I can reset once a week, once a day, once an hour. It’s my choice.
I am working of giving and receiving intimacy.