Monday, November 22, 2010

Breaking the Cycle

Jenny at Life After College had a post that really resonated with me. She talked about taking time for herself and then going into a spiral of anxiety because of trying to catch back up. This is something I feel like I go through almost daily, if not weekly. I'm trying to find a way to break the cycle... here are some ideas I have come up with:

* Have a weekly time set up just for me to go to a coffeeshop or bookstore or something where I can review where I am, what I need to do, and a little me time.

* Set up some type of schedule for housework to get done

* Make a concerted effort to pick up things as they are dropped!

*  Build in fitness and healthy eating more

I'll keep updated on my progress. :-)

Please let me know ANY ideas you have!!!

November? Goals?

Yes, it is November 22... and I have yet to post any goals for the month. Here's the quick rundown...
1) Put $1000 into my SEP
2) Get windows ordered for house
3) Get majority of Christmas shopping done
4) Create and start running plan
5) Begin making spare bedroom into my private business supply room!
6) Get pictures up in bedroom (from August!!!)

Turning the Corner

I've had a hard past few months... I have felt constantly unhappy with myself, and somewhat powerless. It came to a culmination this weekend when I almost finally pushed away someone extremely important to me. Perhaps, that was what I needed, for I have felt more like myself the last 36 hours than I have in awhile.

I have a bunch of half written articles that require me to look in depth as various aspects of my life. I hope to get to these this week. 

Also, Trent at the Simple Dollar had a nice article about taking the time to make sure his life was aligning with his future goals.

It is quite timely that I feel better with it being Thanksgiving week. I need to take the time to acknowledge those who make a difference in my life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October ReCap

Oh October...where did you go?
The happiness thing happened a little...but fell apart as soon as I got a whiff of November. Sad, isn't it? (Literally...) This is something I really need to focus on more; I just need to find the energy. (Crazy cycle isn't it?

Money-wise I'm very happy!  The credit card total was $1036. Although it is just over $1000, I'm still considering it a success. At the Marine Corp Marathon, I splurge on two winter dresses and a desperately needed belt from my favorite store H&M (which I don't have at home) and two MCM Christmas Ornaments. One was for T and I, and one for my grandfather who was a Marine.

I'm debating whether to set goals for November at all... or to just try to live the month with a smile. Ideas?