Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 House Goals

Here are my 2009 House Goals:

1) Improve the Yard: B, this was mainly T’s doing (often with my funding!). We sodding some of yard that was just dirt. We have guys who come cut the grass and take away the leaves every other week (that’s on T’s budget), and we spent some time trying to put in some flowers, although neither of us have a green thumb.

2) Organize Office: D! When T moved in this summer, we did managed to get both of our office furniture in there and arranged, but it is a still a mess. Things pile up, and my papers are just not organized enough. While I did do a little here and there, it has a long way to go!

3) Home Inventory: C-: I have made a video walking through the house. However, that is all I have done and its just on a computer, not remotely backed up anywhere.

Perhaps I should keep most of these… on the flip side here are the house projects I did accomplish:
1) Solar Panels!
2) New Roof (thanks hail storm!)
3) Painted the garage floor
4) More or less merged furniture with T
5) Bought a nice dinning room table

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