Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Optimism of Morning

I am a morning person. I fought it for a while, but finally my junior year of college came to realize I was at my best sleeping from about 10pm-6am.

Now I can easily accomplish 5x as much from 6am-8am than I can from 8pm on... it's almost ridiculous.

But I know why... it's the Optimism of Morning. At 6am, the sun is just beginning to rise I have the whole day ahead of my to accomplish whatever it is I need to accomplish. At 8pm that's just not the case.

I start each day with an extensive to do list and barrel through as much as I can. Do I do the easy or hard tasks first? Depends. I just push as much as I can before the day takes control and I've lost all track of what's going on.

As the sun lowers, so does my mood. What happen to all my great productivity plans for the day?! How did I not accomplish those few simple things...

So I curl up with my man, practice being thankful for him, and drift to sleep...

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