Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Goal Review

At the beginning of the year, I set some goals for myself.

I broke my goals into 5 categories:
1) Finances
2) House
3) Personal
4) Self Business
5) Job

Each day this week, I'll go through one of them and give the update on how I did.

Today: Finances!
1) Save $1000/mo into a savings account to pay off the 0% credit card due Jan 10: A+! I already paid the entire balance a month ahead of time.

2) Save an additional $500/mo for travel, life etc.: A-, I saved over 6000 and used it to by solar panels for the house. So yes on the savings! And I was able to afford the little trips I took as well.

3) Pay off the remainder of the loan from my mom for my house downpayment ($6200): C, I have paid $2400 so far this year (which is the usual for my $200/mo repayment plan.) I hope to give another $1000 at least at Christmas... right now the balance is at 3800.

I will also start working on my 2010 goals and have those up in the next week or two!

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