Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly To Do's: Jan 18-21

Around midnight Thursday we are heading off on our vacation... between now and then there is a lot to get done!! Here's the list of private business and personal To Do's:

1) Get February private business calendar hammered out (completed 2/18)

2) Start 30 Day Shred (schedule for Monday or Tuesday) - due to being sick, putting this on hold

3) Finish posting remaining two goals for 2010

4) Get in some quality dog time!

5) PACK!

6) Reserve our place to stay on vacation

7) Go through pile on coffee table and process (this involves a couple of small mailings, some magazines, business cards for emails) (finished 2/18)

8) Get all invoices for private for the first half of the year prepped

9) At office, start working on next big presentation (mid-Feb.)

10) Mail in car registration check/form (completed 2/19)

11) Return dive equipment (completed 2/19)

12) Mail out 1099's for private business - I can do 3, the rest are back ordered...

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