Friday, January 29, 2010

Goal #10: Organize my Life

Truth be told, I'm a wanna be Type A person... on the grand scheme, I'm more Type A than not, but I end up over-scheduling and things just get out of hand. For this goal, I've spent most of the month trying to figure out how exactly to quantify this. Do I write goal of concrete things to do; or is it more a goal of "when I can do X without having to worry/reschedule" It's probably going to be a little of both. This is also going to be something that I need to continually work on. I want to set up systems to keep things organized, but I can't seem to find the time to. (Go figure!)

So here are some of my general goals to go with it:

a) No working past 7:30pm. This is usually the latest any of my private business goes to, and I need to stay onto of work so I don't procrastinate and end up working half the night. This will also allow for more time for T and I.

b) Be everywhere 5-10 minutes early: This one has not happened in January, so I need to focus on it now. I will get up plenty early and end up bustling around around just trying to get ONE more thing done. Then I'm late. I'm not usually super late that it has effected my job or anything, but just enough that it drives me nuts.

c) Each month gather one trash bag of Goodwill and one of trash

d) Find a better way to organize incoming papers... I had an inbox but I only cleaned it out every few months (read: 9 months?!)

I think I also need specific goals and parts of the house to work on each month:

January: Bathroom & Bedroom; we re-cleaned out the bathroom and go that back together, but the bedroom still has a ways to go. That's on this weekends agenda.

February: Office!!! (this is the worst!)

I just want to not feel overwhelmed like I do so much of the time!!! Any suggestions are welcomed, encouraged!!!

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