Monday, January 11, 2010

Tough First Week Back

I'm exhausted... this first week back from winter vacation has run me completely down. Feeling like this is tough, since I pride myself on being a productive person. I just can't seem to get anything done when I need to. I know a number of things are contributing: lack of sleep, body adjusting to the gluten free diet, two days of scuba lessons (over 8 hours of pool time) this weekend, crazy busy at office job, attempting to clean house, and not having much time left over for T or myself.

This all culminated in a long talk last night with T regarding ways in which we aren't satisfied or happy. I hate those conversations despite knowing they are necessary at times. I just feel so drained after, and that feeling is hard to shake.

I hope this week is better, T woke up with me this morning super earlier which made me smile.

I'll post my To Do's for the week shortly.

On the exercise front, giving all the in the pool scuba diving I did combined with subfreezing weather, I didn't head out to the gym or around the block with the dogs.

On the dog front, they didn't want to be outside either! Until we gave them the bone from our steaks last night; then they wouldn't come back in!

Here's to a better week...

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