Friday, January 15, 2010

Goal #7: Be More Social!

This last fall killed my social calendar. I felt like I was always having to get work done or study. My goal if having people over a couple times a month went out the door. The only person I really had energy to be a bit social with was T. I'm hoping that changes this year


1) Meet up with friends 1x/week (even if that means taking a walk with one of the roommates)

2) Go out with friends at night at least 2x/month

3) Have people over 1x/month (at least!)

4) Go to 75% of work happy hours

Progress so far:
1) um, have in the other categories, but not so much this one; part of that is scuba lessons on the weekends

2) We went out for a friends birthday this week for dinner and trivia, so that's 1!

3) We have a game night scheduled for the 30th :-)

4) 1/1 so far!

1 comment:

  1. Keep in mind being social is a great way to avoid the winter blahs.