Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Better

The week has gotten better. I am feeling a bit more on top of things. The presentation is going well. T and I are good...

In fact today is our 18 month anniversary. I have a special dinner at the fancy all you can eat beef place in town! He was sweet; first thing he said to me was happy anniversary.

I am getting the last of my 2010 goals hammered out and should post them shortly. I'm excited about some of the ideas I have in store.

Also, on the work front, I just found out some interesting information regarding a coworker who could be leaving. This means there's a chance I could be bumped to full time (I'm at 80%) It would be perfect timing.

Now all that is left is to catch up on sleep and resume running! I'm planning on a quick 2 miler before I stuff myself at dinner!

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