Friday, January 8, 2010

Goal #4: Explore More Foods

T and I tend to stick to the same standard meals all the time. Partly because neither of us is a food snob (although he is a picky eater!) and part just because we're lazy and tight on time. Trying the gluten free diet will make some of this even more important!


a) Try 2 new recipes a month.

b) Try 1 new restaurant a month.

Anyone have any good gluten free recipes?!


  1. I love this goal. Food is just fun! I am really curious and confused when it comes to gluten free though. The doctor recently made my brother change his diet to gluten free and I have heard Dr. Oz say this is a good thing. I just wish I understood it more.

  2. Borrower, thanks for the comments! I'll try to post a little more about gluten free later