Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Goal Review!

If I grade each on 0=fail, 1=minimal success, and 2=success... for goals 1-8 I have  10/16 points!

Goal #1: Spend More Time with Dogs
FAIL - I did not do so well on this one. I really need to work on this. I think it's more a time management issue then an issue with the dogs personally. (When I do take time with them, they are so much fun!)

* Note, I also said I was going to post weekly progress... oops. :-(

Goal #2: Finish Paying Debt to Mom
SUCCESS - I did great on this!  I paid that debt off easily, and I am making even bigger payments to the other loan from her. (She helped pay off my student loans when I bought my house, and I pay her back each month, even though she tells me to stop.)

Goals #3: Get In Better Shape
MINIMAL SUCCESS -  While I ran two marathons, I did not really train for either. Let's investigate the mini goals further

a) Go to the gym and do some basic weight training at least 3 days a week
FAIL: I really need to add weight/strength training back in

b) Run at least 4 days a week
FAIL: Darn it... must do, must do, must do.... even if they aren't "good" runs, just get out there!

c) Try the Gluten free diet and see if that helps
SUCCESS: I went GF from Jan-Oct and enjoyed it. I am back on some gluten for November and December to see how my body reacts. I think I am going to just keep the gluten to a minimum but not totally eliminate unless I start having tummy problems again.

d) Sign up and complete another marathon at a fast time
SUCCESS & FAIL: I ran one half and two full marathons, but failed at the fast time part. Oddly, due to not running fast, I have guaranteed entry into next year's Nike Women's Marathon!

e) Run more than 1000 miles this year.
FAIL: Not even sure I made it to 500....

Goal #4: Explore More Foods
MINIMAL SUCCESS: While going gluten free did force me to explore more foods, and this fall I started cooking more, and we went to a few new restaurants, I would love to start cooking more. Going to Thailand also helped expand my food experiences. We even did a cooking class!

Goals #5: Wear More Jewelry
SUCCESS: Yay! I did well on this one. I am much more conscious about wearing my beautiful jewelry, and I really enjoyed this goal.

Goal #6: Increase Engagement with T
MINIMAL SUCCESS: This went up and down... I had a tough 6 months or so where I just didn't feel like myself. I feel like this is something that is important to ALWAYS be working on. We did do well about date nights. :-)

Goal #7: Be More Social
MINIMAL SUCCESS: This went up and down as well with my mood, which was frustrating. It's something I have to be aware of... otherwise I use any free time I have to power through the to-do list. This is slowly getting better though, and I expect it to keep increasing!

Goal #8: Save Money
SUCCESS: This was probably my biggest success. Check out the mini goals!
1) Save $2500 towards a Thailand trip (my best friend will be in China this summer)
SUCCESS: It ended up being a little more per person, but well worth it. And I paid for it all easily!

2) Increasing emergency fund savings to $5000
SUCCESS: I have $10,000 in savings!  Woohoo...and just opened an investment account. (I feel so grown up!) I also maxed out my Roth and put a little into my SEP.

3) Have 6 months where my credit card statement is under $1000 (I put EVERYTHING on my credit card, phone bills, gas, etc. since I get cash back rewards.)
ALMOST: I think I had 5 months, but I'm all good with that!

4) Pay off my small mortgage
SUCCESS: Paid it off right after we got back from Thailand!

I am going to go over the last two goals later today, since I am actually working on them today!

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  1. I think you did fabulous overall. I love the fact that you keep paying mom, even after she says you don't have too. This shows how strong your character is.