Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2011!

So I decided to go with Happy, Healthy, and Heart as the 2011 Theme... but with additional 10 monthly goals. My business life will also have a separate set of goals. Oh, I love goals!

* Find a two hour time each week to have "me time". This could be sitting at a coffeeshop reading, or hiking by myself. I need this time.

* Have a 1 hour a week check-in/organize for the week time. I also really need this time.

* See friends an average of 2 times per week.

* Take my dogs hiking/long neighborhood jogs 1x/week

This is going to be one of my big pushes this year...
* Set a PR in Austin Marathon on 2/20/11

* Run a sub 2:15 half on 4/16/2011

* Set a PR on a half or full marathon after the above

* Run a sub 55 min 10K

* Run 1000 miles (trying again after last year's miserable fail)

* At least one visit to NYC & Baltimore to visit family

*Have intimate time with my guy at least 4 time a week... things get so busy and I need to make sure there is plenty of time for us.

* Read and follow through with a personal development book I have

* This isn't measurable at all, but just be more present in my relationship. I am bad about letting deadlines and other times get in the way.

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