Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Goal ReCap & December Goals

1) Put $1000 into my SEP - DONE!
2) Get windows ordered for house - all picked out, the bf is putting in the order today or tomorrow
3) Get majority of Christmas shopping done - I'm about halfway there...
4) Create and start running plan - must do today...
5) Begin making spare bedroom into my private business supply room! - got a great start going, more this weekend
6) Get pictures up in bedroom - halfway... got current pictures up, still need to do new pictures

December Goals:
I'm going to leave out the obvious things like finish Christmas shopping and travel plans...

1) Read 4 books at least!  My reading has slacked a little in the past few months, and I really miss it. I picked up a new book at work (book exchange) and I'm excited to read it. It's the Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Has anyone read it?

2) Run 100 miles: I finally started going back to the gym yesterday. I went twice... at 5am and around 5pm. I just did a mile plus elliptical in the morning, and in the afternoon I just did the elliptical plus the bike. Hopefully, with a little more free time, I can make this goal!

3) Go hiking with the dogs 6x. We used to be really good about this, but not lately. It's much cooler out, and the dogs love it. We have so many great hiking places here too.

4) Get my January calendar done. Scheduling is going to be a bit more tricky this spring with my small business.

5) Finish organizing stuff for my small business, so I can start 2011 off right!  I have a good start going, now I just need to finish!

6) Relax for the holidays!  (Easier said than done for me!)

What are your holiday goals?

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