Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Goal Review

So how did I do with just a little over 2 weeks to complete August goals...

1) Credit Card <$1000 : Success!!!  I'm only about $25 under but it's under!

2) Running: Fail. Big time... I ran a total of 22 miles in the last two weeks. As usual, I need to step it up!!

3) Finish September Calendar: done... although it is always changing.

4) Business: I did make a list of some loose ends, and I make some good progress on them. I am working on increasing the business, and I feel good about what I did. :-)

5) Cooking: Well, it depends on how you define cook!  I did cook a couple nights, and so did T. However, there were a couple nights, like last night, where we were tired and not very hungry and just had some chips, or a simple quesadilla. Overall, we didn't eat out much which was part of the goal!

6) September Goals: I have them on paper... I just need to type them up!

I feel good about everything in August except the running.

We got a new bedroom set so we've been having fun setting up the room and figuring out what to do with the two other rooms now!  We are working on a hodge-podge guest room and it's starting to come together.

Look for September goals shortly!

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