Monday, August 16, 2010

August Goals

First, the trip was great!  We had a few unexpected things occur and a few chances to do things we would be unlikely to do anywhere else, so we splurged a little. We also picked up some nice gifts for the Moms! So we were almost $1000 over the budget I had hoped to hit, but just under our absolute max budget. As it worked out, the amount over for me personally is on my credit card. We did a liveaboard for scuba diving one night which included room, awesome food, and 7 dives!  That leads me to my first goal for the remainder of August

1) Keep Credit Card under $1000: I have about $400 left for the month, and I'll need to get gas a few times and have the pest guy charge of about $150. We just stocked up on groceries so we shouldn't need much more than a quick milk run.

2) Marathon Training: We were very active on the trip, but I didn't actually go for a run ever. (Except through an airport...) I did a little bit at the gym yesterday and need to get back into it. I need to do at least 50 miles in these next two+ weeks.

3) Finish September Calendar for Work: easy enough... I'm through about the 18th.

4) Make a List of Loose Ends for my Business: T and I were talking about how I want to grow my business over the next few years. I'm scared to even think about it because I have so many things I want to improve on first at this level before I move ahead. I need to get those things written down.

5) Cook at least 8 nights: I cooked last night so that's 1. That is me cooking at least half of the remaining nights. T should pick up another few of those, and we sometimes splurge after yoga for Chipotle. I'm also supposed to meet a friend from high school who just moved here for dinner as well.

6) Make September Goals before September Starts!

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