Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Loose Ends

Since we head out in less than 2 days, I though I'd update on my July goals!

1) August Calendar: DONE! And the first bit of September is completed as well! Gold Star for me!

2) Get rid of caseless CDs!: I kept the ones I wanted and the rest went to Goodwill!

3) Put pictures up in bedroom: We decided to wait until we got back from Thailand so we can include a picture from there, so fail on this one.

4) Get Thailand itinerary worked out: Funny-not-so-funny story, things changed, but we have 3 nights hotels booked, and we might just backpack and wing it! So semi done?

5) Fill out health care applications (for business): Negative...

6) Work on my field related blog: Not yet...

7) RUN MY TAIL OFF!!!: Darn, a little, not really

8) Organize my iTunes and get more good running songs: Got some songs, made a running playlist. That's as far as I got.

9) Organize the office: DONE! And it is AWESOME :-) We have some little things to put on the walls, but the organization part is so much better. We rearranged which helped a lot

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