Friday, July 2, 2010

June Goal Review

I set some goals for June that were work-life balance based. Let's see how I did!

1) Birthdays: Pass with honors! I rocked this one... this included hiding a giant grill in one of the bedroom closets! My credit card definitely has some side effects though...

2) Following running training plan 25 of 30 days: Fail! Oops... started out pretty good, kept it up in California, then it just fell away. Getting back on that horse for July.

3) Pay $1500 to small mortgage: PASS Still waiting for some work checks, but already put $500. I should be able to accomplish this without any problems

4) $2000 to savings: PASS This will be close... due to all the birthdays. Again, I'm still waiting for some work checks to come in. I will definitely put a $1000 into savings and hopefully the full $2000.

5) Get at least halfway through my online literature class FAIL I did nothing. Doh

1) Read 4 books PASS I think I read at least 6 books! 3 Jodi Picoults, one field related book, The Happiness Project, and I think there was one more somewhere!

2) Go tubing at least once. FAIL but not our fault, for most of the month tubing was closed due to flooding.

3) Go hiking 10 times SEMI PASS We didn't make it 10 times, but I did do 3 great walks with my mom and at least 5 hikes with with bf and dogs.

4) Cook 3 new recipes SEMI PASS I did 2!

5) Play with dogs (walk, fetch out back, etc.) 20 of 25 days: FAIL I probably did closer to half of the days... which is an improvement but still not where I want to be!

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