Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Goals: Work-Life Balance

One of my major focuses this year is achieving a better Work-Life Balance. To honor that goal, this month's goals are separated into "Work" type goals and "Life" type goals. Feedback is welcome!

1) Birthday: brother, mom, and T's. His is the big one for I need to figure out my plan of attack and execute. Luckily, I have until the end of the month!

2) Following running training plan 25 of 30 days

3) Pay $1500 to small mortgage

4) $2000 to savings

5) Get at least halfway through my online literature class

1) Read 4 books (I started one last night, but that counts in June! I only read a chapter!)

2) Go tubing at least once. Yay summer!

3) Go hiking 10 times

4) Cook 3 new recipes

5) Play with dogs (walk, fetch out back, etc.) 20 of 25 days

Look for a update on my year long goals as well as information on some big changes at my house happening today in fact!

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