Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Goals Update Part 2

Without further ado, goals #5-#8

Goal #5: Wear More Jewelry : B+
I have really made a conscious effort on this one! I am trying to find fun jewelry that goes along with what I am wearing. I also organized my jewelry which makes this much easier. I do default to my favorite when life gets busy, but I think that's reasonable.

Goal #6: Increase Engagement with T : C+
::Sigh:: This should be my main priority, but life just seems to get in the way. I am trying, I'm just not very successful yet. :-( However, I am constantly thinking about this and with the roomies gone, we have much more time to ourselves which helps.

Goal #7: Be More Social : B-
We started up our Sunday BBQ's again. I finally made it scrapbooking again with girlfriends. Happy hours are harder, but when I have a cancellation, I've tried to sneak in meeting a friend for coffee or something similar. I need to make a list of those I must get together with so I don't like time take over!

Goal #8: Save Money : B+
So far I have already paid for my flight and T's, so that should be only ~$500-1000 max more for me for our big trip this summer.

Even assuming $1000, that still leave me with $2000 in savings. Not quite 3 months income, but it will get there.

I have had 3 months so far keeping expenditures under $1000: February, March, and May. Right on track!

My small mortgage is down to $2500. That will be paid off this summer!

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