Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Goals Update Part 3

And for the final two goals. These were a bit more complex...

Goal #9: Streamline My Work : B
Personal business, I am getting better as staying on top of things. I have a plan to have one of my contractors take on a bigger role, and T set me up with a billing software. I have semi organized paperwork, but I still need to work on that. I have a good idea of where I want my business to go, but I need to hammer out a more detailed plan.

Office work is chaos but not too bad. I organized a bunch of files, and I feel pretty good about things for next year. I need to get in there a little before school just so I feel ahead of things. I have a list of things to get running on as soon as the year starts again.

However, I still have a long way to go before I feel like either is a well-oiled machine!

Goal #10: Organize My Life : C+

Two steps forward, one step back, fall asleep and forget to move at all. I think that adequately describes how I feel about this goal.

The sub-goal to not work past 7:30pm comes and goes. Overall, I have been doing better, but then I'll get super overwhelmed and be up half the night.

Being early. Gosh I want to accomplish this one, but I'm so bad about it. I think I need to just keep a book with me at all times, and take those few minutes as personal time. I'm looking into getting a Kindle... so that would help!

Gathering Goodwill and trash... I think I did the best on this one! I almost constantly have a Goodwill pile going, and I'm on a missing to clean out. I scanned a ton of articles from graduate school, so I don't have to keep the paper versions anymore. I'm on a minimizing kick! T is also starting to join the bandwagon.

Processing incoming papers. I am getting better at this. I try to sort my inbox about once a month now, but I still need to figure out a more permanent solution.

So there are all my goals so far. Wish me luck!!!

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