Tuesday, May 18, 2010

<$1000 Challenge?

So I originally thought I would do an <$1000 on the credit card challenge minus the tickets for our Thailand trip this summer. (Yay we bought tickets!) Just over halfway through the month I'm easily at $700. I know I have another $50 on a gift card for a friends wedding. Plus I have my brother's bday and his girlfriends in the next two weeks. I am going to try my best though! The only debate I have is whether I can not count gas over memorial weekend when I am going to a conference. I will get mileage reimbursement and per diem, so I think I will still satisfy the challenge if I remove those things. Perhaps I'm just justifying!

A lot of the money this month has been spent on treating friends out, the bf's brother, a movie. Nothing too extraneous, just more eating out than necessary.

In other news, our roommates are moving out this month. This will increase our monthly expenses for the mortgage and bills, not quite doubling it. But the amount of sanity and serenity it will bring to my life is well worth it. My job is good; my business is going well. I will be more productive with room in the house... it's time. :-)

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