Thursday, September 30, 2010

Money Oops Lets Do It Again

Yes I watched Glee this week (if anyone gets the reference!)

So I didn't make my <$1000 on the credit card goal. Not even close actually! I spent a little over $2000. Some of this is to do having unexpected car repairs (including a spare): $300

We had to book hotels and flights for our DC marathon; we opted to stay with family for SF: $600 (just for hotel!  We wanted it to be close, and have decide we are financially secure enough to stay at a nicer place)

I decided to sign up for another marathon: $110

All in all I am okay with it. I did almost all the grocery shopping this week and went to lunch a few times at work.

I think I'll go for the <$1000 challenge again next month. We are traveling for two weekends, but will have family around which always helps. :-)

Goal review and October Goals coming up!

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