Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goals!

I like the idea of focusing on different areas and setting a goal for each. So here we go!

1) Running: One of the marathons is only a month and a half away so this month has got to be good. I want to follow the plan and run at least 100 miles.

2) Money: Keep credit card <$1000: This is going to be difficult, but I really want to try. We are going to a wedding this weekend which will mean paying for some food and drink, gas, and a gift. However, I am going see some old high school friends and I'm super excited!!!

3) Business: I want to have a more concrete 1 yr plan, and get started on a vague plan for years 2-5 as well.

4) Home: We still need to do more decorating in the master and guest bedrooms. We have pictures to put up and just general organizing to do. That is this month's focus.

5) Cooking: I want to cook three new recipes this month!

6) Social: I have been working so hard to not have to work so much!  I want to be social again... I have already signed up to scrapbook with a friend. I want to start up my book exchange club again. I want to have people over for BBQ or dinner at least 2 times. I joined a soccer league as well, so that should be fun!

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