Sunday, September 5, 2010

California Dreamin'!!!

T and I are in California this weekend for a wedding of a good friend of mine from high schools. I got to spend yesterday hanging out with old guy friends that I've missed. It's been great so far!

The last week was super busy at work. We had a coworker whose job overlaps with mine leave. She left some big programs unfilled, and I was asked to step in and take over one of them for an extra half days worth of pay for the year. I'm excited about the opportunity (and the pay raise!) T and I have also been talking about how to expand my business more. Life feels like it's picking up and yet I have more social time than usual!  It's nice for the most part... but I do need to keep hyper organized, and remember to keep running!

Being in California, where I grew up and love, always makes me think of goals. I would love to be able to live here again or at least visit more often. (I did have an opportunity to move here this summer, a good offer, but we decided against it.)

Things are really good in the money realm. I have paid off my mom, paid off my small mortgage, paid for the trip (which we went over budget for), paid for a new garage door, paying for a new bedroom set, and already have $6000 in my emergency fund. Despite the traveling we have coming up, I still think I can be ambitious and up my e-fund savings goal to $10,000. This gives me more than 3 months living expenses (and many more if T is splitting the mortgage.)

Now, to figure out how to get the rest of life to go that well!  I'll brainstorm some ideas while I'm California dreamin'!

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