Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Investing in Myself?

I had my credit card budget set at $700...then moved it close to $800-850 since I bought my mom an extra birthday gift that was $250.

Yesterday, after my last personal training, we found out they were offering a 20% off deal, but you had to buy at least 12 sessions. So my friend and I talked about it and decided we should do that and spread them out over 6 months. With us splitting, they are $22 each an hour. If we can bring a 3rd friend, then it is split 3 ways.

So there is a nice $528 charge on my card, but I'm going to keep track of it when I "actually" spend the money (i.e. personal training). That wont' start until February.

Am I tricking myself? Or do you understand my logic?!

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