Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Week of January Update

Perhaps what I thought was allergies was more of a cold. I have been zapped of energy, which make it hard to do anything after work. But I still tried to make some progress!

#1 - Host two parties at home: We have the 1st one scheduled. I think the second one might be a smaller dinner party with just a couple of friends.

#2 - Run 3 days a week, strength train 2 days a week: This did not happen this week at all, due to feeling awful each day.

#3 - Less than $700 on the credit card (minus the cost of windows): I'm just over $500... This is going to be really tough with that unexpected $250, but I'm still trying. If I keep it under $800 I will still consider it a success.

#4 - Read 2 books: One book done, second book picked out. It is a field related book that I want to review on my business blog.

#5 - Be intimate >= 20 days: I'm only at 8... being sick puts a damper on these things :-(

#6 - 1 coffeeshop personal time per week: doh, not yet, but I need it!!!

#7 - Have taxes mostly done: I am keeping up with this. Each new form I get I enter in right away!

#8 - Take dogs running or hiking 10 times: Negative... freezing temps, and rain have deterred this one

#9 - Review AIM modules: No progress since last week.

#10 - Volunteers (my friends and I are trying to volunteer 1 time per month at a different place each month): Not technically... I did babysit a 3 month old last night so the mom could pick up an extra shift. I didn't charge them anything. T said that could count, but I still want to do something else!

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