Sunday, January 8, 2012

Achieving Resolutions: Work

In review:

1) Work half as much - Using an old post's data, and not counting Christmas vacation or when I had an unexpected vacation due to a relative passing away, I'd say I worked about 70-80 hours a week. Similar to J.Money at Budgets are $exy, that makes my goal to work a "typical" 40 hours a week! So what is the plan to achieve this? (1) Create productive routines (2) Delegate ... For now, I think these are going to require weekly focuses
      Week of 1/7/2012:
  • I have this great program called Things, based on GTD concepts. I love it, but have yet to truly use it functionally. Since I have a little more "office" time. I want to spend this week getting it all set up and ready to use functionally.
  • Schedule in routine to-do: (1) Updating timesheets in Quickbooks (2) Client reviews (3) Expense recording (4) Depositing payments and reconciling them in QB.
  • Empty business "To File" box

2) Make twice as much - This one will be a little bit tougher. I am going to base it on my AGI (minus investments my father has in my name.) While I haven't calculated it exactly, I think it will be somewhere around 90K. That means the goal is 180K. Phew... that's high. So what is the plan for this?!

  • Build the business so I can take on more clients
  • Provide a larger variety of products
  • Delegate more work to my employees
  • Systematically increase rates
December 30, 2012 UPDATE: These are hard to measure as the business has taken turns even greater than I expected! I think I may have come close on the first goal. I was able to be gone for two weeks for my grandfather's passing and basically not work and everything be fine. We went from 5 on staff to starting 2013 with 17!  Had we not chosen to open a large facility in a great location I think I would have made goal two without any problem. Instead, the business is in debt! But it's a good thing in some senses... now it's going to be gazelle focus to pay it off!

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