Monday, March 14, 2011

Goals on Hold...

The past month or so has been tough for me. I'm struggling with feeling like I have any sort of control right now. In February, I spent 245 hours out of the house for work. My mom was in town for 3 days when it didn't work at all. This means that over the remaining 25 days, I was out of the house, on average, 9.8 hours EVERY day. This doesn't count the house I work on things for my business at home, which I would guess it at least 10 hours a week. (Should be more, but as you can see... I don't really have the hours!)

Back to goals... while I'm doing okay on most of them, they just stress me out. They feel like another thing that I have to try and squish into my days. The PsyBlog had an interesting article on The Dark Side of Goal Setting. I know goal setting is important, but I think I'm setting goals that I won't reach...and I really don't need another reason to beat myself up. Right now I need to focus on trying to actually swim a little instead of just treading water.

I am a list and goals type person by nature. So what does that mean for March. My goal for March is to get done things for work the day before they must be. To make some progress on my massive to-do list (which doesn't even touch the goals I set), and to try and abide by the one goal of not working past 8pm (so far I've only worked by 8pm twice this month.)

I spent yesterday mostly in bed feeling mentally crappy. I started to come around by the evening. I have today and tomorrow to just get things done and relax. I'm planning on today being on the more productive side and tomorrow more on the relax side, with a bit of balance on both.

Wish me luck. Happy Monday!

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