Sunday, January 8, 2012

Achieving Resolutions: Personal

In review:
(1) Follow training plan... a plan that is more flexible and reasonable than I used to set.
I have agreed to do a Triathlon with T on Labor Day. He is going to do the full, but I am only committing to the sprint. I can run, but biking and swimming are not strong points as of now. The training plan I have developed focuses more on what I want to accomplish each week, and it broken down into months.


  •       Run 120 miles
  •       Long Run minimum: 18 miles (I am doing a half marathon at the end of the month)
  •       Bike 1x/week
  •       Swim 1x/week
  •       Try 1 Spin Class
Since I haven't exercised yet this year, I need to bike and swim at the gym today!

(2) Run 1000 miles - if I follow the first goal, this should work itself out!

(3) PR (in half and full marathon) - I PR-ed last year in this half marathon, and it's known as a overall downhill course, so I am hoping to do so again! I would love to achieve a sub 2-hr half marathon.

(4) Floss! - What I have learned in the past is I need to make this one easy, or I'm just not going to do it. One of my goals today, is to go to Target and buy two of the flossers on a stick; one for at home and one for carrying with me.

December 30, 2012 UPDATE: This past year was not a good year on the personal side... I bailed on two half marathons and one full marathon, and never signed up for the Tri. I have just started running again despite doing a 10K, full marathon, 10 miler, and a half marathon since October (and a whole 5 miles outside of those races!) I did run the marathon with true enjoyment, running when I wanted, walking when I wanted, and it wasn't my slowest yet! This year needs to be a big focus on self-care and relationship care. 

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