Sunday, January 8, 2012

Achieving Resolutions: Relationships

In review:

(1) Be intimate 400 times (the boy helped set this one!) - I didn't get back until the 4th, and the boy left on the 1st, so we are only at 2 so far... hoping for another 2 today! We are planning on making a fun goofy sticker chart for this one!

(2) Rekindle friendships I have let slip - I have even been awful at calling people back. This week I need to call at least 2 friends back, and do something social with one of our close couple friends. The problem I run into is when I actually have some free time, all I want to do is a big fat nothing. Perhaps the Work resolutions will help with this!

December 30, 2012 UPDATE: For number (1) we managed just over 100... quite short of the goal. This will be repeated for 2013. Number (2) should be repeated as well... and not just rekindle but make some new friends as well. We've started hanging out with some new couples, whose company I enjoy!

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