Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3rd Week of February Goals Update

1) Take dogs running or hiking 10 times: 5 times so far...

2) Run 80 miles: Added a marathon!  That's another 26.2 plus I'm counting the mile walk my mom and I did the evening of the marathon. So 45 miles!

3) Finish taxes: I'm just waiting on one thing! (no change)

4) Do a morning stretching routine at least 18 of 28 days: 13 days so far

5) Be intimate at least 18 of the 28 days: 9 days so far ::sad face::

6) Review AIM Modules: nada...

7) One social outing a week with friends: I went to happy hour with T on Friday, and Thai food and jazz music (by a friend of ours) on Saturday the 12th. This past weekend my mom was in town, so we did things together... not sure if that counts, but it was social!

8) Schedule a vacation... even a small one: tentatively planning NYC for my birthday... and camping in March.

9) Finish organizing work materials in spare room: nothing done yet...so much to do though

10) Have a dinner party: nope

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