Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2nd Week of February Goals Update

1) Take dogs running or hiking 10 times: 3 times so far... no change

2) Run 80 miles: 18 miles, not quite as excited as last week

3) Finish taxes: I'm just waiting on one thing! (no change)

4) Do a morning stretching routine at least 18 of 28 days: 10 days so far

5) Be intimate at least 18 of the 28 days: 7 days so far

6) Review AIM Modules: nada...

7) One social outing a week with friends: I went to happy hour with T on Friday, and Thai food and jazz music (by a friend of ours) on Saturday!

8) Schedule a vacation... even a small one: tentatively planning NYC for my birthday

9) Finish organizing work materials in spare room: nothing done yet...

10) Have a dinner party: nope

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