Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working Out Therapy

I forget how good working out makes me feel. Since I finally have a plan, and I am starting to feel a little control over my life, I've been making time for the gym more. I feel SO GOOD after a great workout. I have been trying some new classes at the gym and I'm determined to stick to my half marathon training plan.

Last night, I got the gym in time to do a fast-ish 2.5 miles (24 minutes; 9:36 pace) before a 30 minute core class, then I did the remaining 1.5. Normally that remaining 1.5 would not have happened.

Tonight I'm going to do 7 X 400 (.25 mile sprints, seven times with walking or light jogging in between) I'm hoping to do them at a 8min/mile pace.

I have started cleaning out too... I have a bag full of mainly clothes to go to GoodWill. I have some books to sell on amazon. I posted them up this weekend and sold two for a total of $21.57 already. The only money I have spent was getting gas on Monday and the two post office charges.

I think this is going to be a good month :-) How is your February looking?

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