Thursday, February 4, 2010

Money Update

So I've spent about $80 in groceries last night, which should last most of the month. T should get the rest for the month. I also spent about $50 for rodeo/concert tickets for the 4 of us when my brother and his girlfriend visit Valentine's Day weekend. The trip is part of a late college graduation gift for him.

I also forgot about my gym membership... it's $75/month. Before anyone gets flabbergasted over the price, I do have some justifications! I went to a different gym before that was half the price, but T went to the fancier one. I finally switched and got about $150 in gym money to use on their spa (massages and facials for us!), and they have a MUCH nicer facility. There is an indoor 24 hour lap pool, many more machines, more (and better) classes, and an outdoor pool area. There is also a good little cafe and they have all different activities going on. Given that T goes there, I definitely go more and we get time to go together.

Hopefully this weekend will be a no spend weekend. T is working Saturday and I am working most of the day and going scrapbooking that night. I already paid to go scrapbooking and I'm not going to by anything there. Sunday is just relaxing and cleaning and watching a little Superbowl. I have a lot of work to catch up on, so I should take care of most of that as well.

Anyone else having a no spend weekend?

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