Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday: Clean a Junk Drawer

When I was a kid, I remember staying up way too late and secretly cleaning out my junk drawer when I couldn't sleep. Don't ask me why...

So when the first task was to clean the junk drawer, I was a little excited. This is a task I've been meaning to do! Our junk drawer is a small drawer in the kitchen. It's full of JB Weld, dog flea and heartworm stuff, pens, pencil, notepads, recipe calendar pages, and more.

I spent about 10 minutes cleaning it. While I definitely didn't eliminate <10% of the stuff as instructed, I did get rid of at least half of it. Part of it isn't mine, so I feel bad just throwing it out. Also, all the pens worked and notepads are always being used in the house.

Am I justifying? Perhaps, but I still feel better having cleaned the drawer!

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