Monday, March 15, 2010


A little over a week ago I discovered fraud on my checking account... because I mainly use one bank that means they had to reissue EVERYTHING! So for over a week now I have been without a credit card...which is good and bad. It is annoying when I have to get gas. I had to do that today and go inside. "$20 on #1 please!" Seems like forever since I had to do that.

I also have spent $20 on dinner out with my old roomie who was in town for a week. We had a blast just running, playing dominoes with our elderly neighbors and relaxing when possible.

My credit card shows $270 right now, and I have spent that $40 in cash as well. My phone bill bounced on autopay so as soon as I get a new card that will be another ~$85.

I'm still just under $400 which is exciting given the month is half over!

This whole no credit card things has really kept my spending to a minimum, since I hate spending cash! Luckily, T was nice enough to pay me part of his rent in cash, so I could have some as needed.

The spending challenging is going well, now if I could just control the to do list!!!

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