Monday, October 11, 2010

I Actually Relaxed Some!

This weekend was better than most!  T was working during the day on Saturday; I had to work about 8-1 and then spent the afternoon getting things done!  While I didn't get everything done; I did enough that I felt good and not super stressed on Sunday. (Sunday Stress seems to be a common ailment for me!) Sunday I had to do a short bit of work, but overall, relaxed with T. We ate dinner outside, went grocery shopping, relaxed on the couch. And we went to bed nice and early. I read in bed until about 10:15 and was out!

The only thing I didn't really accomplish was much physical activity. No running or gym. That will be my focus come November.

So here is to this week being a good one!!!  Just M-F and then we are off to Cali for my marathon!

Today's Happy Task: Easy jog on one of my favorite trails that just reopened & curling on the couch with T to watch a monday night show!

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